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2007+ Cadillac Escalade with Center Console Gun Safe

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2007 and Newer Cadillac Escalade
with Center Console - Unit No. 1018
  • Massive 12 Gauge cold rolled plate steel, welded tab and notch seams.
  • Superior 3 point locking system resists prying.
  • Bank Vault style hinge latch pins.
  • Drill resistant locks.
  • Easy 10 minute installation.
  • Secures to factory console bolts.
  • Perfectly balanced spring assisted door.
  • Choose the Combo Lock or high security barrel key lock.
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Escalade owners like their accessories and secure storage is necessary, the factory console is on the small side so we needed to design a vault that would not require much additional space. The answer is the new "console cover" design, this vault style uses the heavy duty lid and frame assembly and only requires the front and rear vertical supports. Installation is easy and uses the factory attachment points.

Choose the keyless lock or high security barrel key lock.


Increase personal protection with a console safe for your Escalade. What better way to secure your firearm and other valuables than with a handgun safe, conveniently located in the center console. Console Vault can put your mind at ease. Protection of their your firearm and other personal property is crucial, so why trust having your valuables unsecured in your vehicle? There are many pretenders but only one Console Vault!

Secure (piano style) Hinge

Underside (piano style)

High Quality Lock Security: Choose Key Lock or Combination Lock

Each Console Vault includes the following features:

  • High security barrel key lock or 3 dial combination.
  • Exclusive lock cam prevents entry to vault if lock is drilled.
  • Bank vault style locking pins.

Interior Features:

  • Generous size, lots of room!
  • Fabric foam base liner to protect valuables
  • Shelf for small items (not all models)
  • Console Vault Finish

Each Console Vault is finished in the factory with an industrial grade, high-quality powder coat finish that looks like paint, but acts like armor. Powder coating finish is a dry finishing process used to seal paint to a metal surface. The Console Vault is then placed into a curing oven and the covered with finely ground dry powder of colored pigment and resin.

While inside the oven, the Console Vault is electro-statically charged, which causes the powder to melt and fuse into a solid coating on all of the vault's metal surfaces. It is tough, looks great, and is scratch resistant.

Easy No-Drill 15 minute Installation

Installation is easily done by anyone in 10 - 15 minutes, using simple hand tools.

How to Install the Console Vault:

The Console Vault is made to fit into the existing console; therefore the installation involves removing, then using the existing factory console bolts. To install, simply remove the factory screws from the front area of the console. Slide your new Console Vault into the existing console tub, and re-screw the bolts you removed originally.

Once you have replaced the screws, the Console Vault is now securely mounted to your vehicle's body. Below the factory console tub there is a steel mounting bracket with welded nut plates. These 2 screws (or 4 depending on the vehicle) attach through this mounting bracket, providing plenty of security. That's all there is to it! In 10 - 15 minutes you now have a secure vault for your valuables.

  • 12 Gauge cold rolled plate steel

  • Welded tab and notch seams.

  • 3 point locking system resists prying.

  • Bank Vault style hinge latch pins.

  • Drill resistant locks.

  • Easy 10 minute installation.

  • Fits without modifying vehicle console.

  • Secures to factory console.

  • Spring loaded assist for door.

  • Weight 9 Lbs.



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