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Chevy Silverado Gun Safe Selection

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Console Vault is the premier auto vault and gun safe manufacturer in the nation. Console Vault truck safes provide you with high-level protection in your vehicle for firearms and other valuables. It can be used to secure your hand gun off-duty or to store your wallet, credit cards, digital camera or any other valuables.

Chev Avalanche Console Vault

2007+ Chevy Silverado with Center Console
Model 1011

Customers consider this vault the company "flagship product", when General Motors changed model design in 2007 a much larger console was provided and Console Vault had a unique opportunity to design a vault for this series of trucks. The vault provides ample secure storage space and unique features include a secret compartment in the base, a finish trim ring that provides a factory appearance and installation is straightforward. The hidden compartment can be used for extra secure storage or the access panel can be removed for additional space, some customers have attached a holster to this area with velcro to keep their firearm in place. This model is available with the high security key lock or the keyless lock, you will not be disappointed.

2008+ Chevy Silverado LT-1 with Under Arm Rest Console
Model 1014

Chevrolet Truck likes to offer several interior configurations and this unique vault has its place in the LT-1 or LS truck. This vault fits in a lower seat storage area and provides a secure storage with fast access. There is provision for the power supply to be used inside the vault; an extra large lid gives you good visibility to contents. Installation is easy with five screws; you can choose a keyless or high security barrel key lock.

2003+ Chevy Silverado with Fold Down Arm Rest Console
Model 1006

What do you do if you don't have the floor mount console in your Chevrolet or GMC truck? Console Vault designed the answer in a really cool concept. This vault fits perfectly inside the fold down armrest console on your bench seat, designed for a good looking secure area to store valuables. All of the features you expect from Console Vault in this slim profile vault plus fast easy access and it is out of the way you don't need it. The 1006 comes with a high security barrel key lock or keyless entry.

2003 - 2006 Chevy Silverado with Center Console
Model 1002

Console Vault provides several applications for Chevrolet and GMC trucks with full floor consoles. The body of the vault follows the form of the factory console. A shelf in the upper rear of the vault provides the perfect place to store small items, the lid is spring assisted to remain in the full open position when unlocked. This model is available with a high security barrel key lock or our unique keyless lock. Installation is very simple and total install time is about 10 minutes.



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