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Cargo Storage - Police SUV's and Pick up Trucks

Du-Ha Tote

Du-Ha Tote

DU-HA Tote

The DU-HA Tote is a convenient and portable SUV or truck box storage unit that comes with gun rack dividers, ammo storage or is designed to hold your gear, tools, tow ropes, and anything else you may want to store securely in the back of most SUV's and pickup trucks. It's constructed from heavy duty polyethylene and comes with a lifetime warranty. This model also acts as a legal gun case in most states and holds up to 4 rifles or shotguns in an upright position, with or without scopes.

Portable Storage for Police SUV's and Pickup Trucks

Part No. 70103 Black


Quick Facts:

- Fits most SUV's and pickup trucks
- Multi-use - gun transport, fishing tackle, general storage, contractors, sports equipment, etc.
- Acts as a legal gun case in most states
- Holds 4 shotguns or rifles, with or without scopes
- Added security with a lockable lid
- Includes gun racks, dividers and utility trays
- Made from heavy duty polyethylene
- Sealed lid helps keep out moisture and dust
- Can be extended or is removable and portable
- Measures L 53" x W 15" x H 15"
- Many vehicles will hold up to 3 Totes side-by-side
- 30 day money back guarantee
- Lifetime warranty

Click here for Tote installation instructions

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Tote Slide Bracket
Part No. 70104 Black


Install the Tote securely in your vehicle using the Tote Slide Bracket

- Prevents the Tote from sliding around unsecured in your vehicle
- Allows you to access the Tote while standing outside your vehicle
- Allows you to lock the Tote in your vehicle to help prevent theft
- Includes locking mechanism
- Made of heavy duty anodized aluminum
- Removes easily when not in use, to return vehicle to flat floor

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Du-Ha Tote

Du-Ha Tote

Click here for tote bracket installation instructions


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