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Public Safety Source Jotto Desk FAQ's

Q. If my emergency services department purchases custom jotto desks for our fleet, is it possible to purchase a new base if any of our officers need to change vehicles?

A. Yes, bases can be purchased separately. Do not hesitate to call us toll-free (1-866-314-5427) if you have any questions!

It is important to note that the Custom Bases are available for a limited selection of popular emergency and civilian vehicles. For all other vehicles, a Universal Base can be purchased. Either way, you will not need to buy another complete desk. Your Jotto Desk will provide you service for years to come!

Q. What is the difference between a Universal Desk and a Custom Desk?

A. The only difference is the mounting system.

Universal Desks are mounted using self-tapping sheet metal screws (#10, 1” size). The self-tapping screws require no pre-drilling, leaving minimal impact on the appearance of your installation location. In fact, most users of Universal Desks are able to brush the carpet where the self-tapping screws were while installed and are able to completely hide the holes. Universal Desks are unique in that they can be installed in any vehicle.

A Custom Desk is mounted to the existing passenger seat bolts, or other pre-existing vehicle mounting points, and requires no drilling.

Q. Can my partner sit comfortably in the passenger front seat with the Jotto Desk installed?

A. The Jotto Desk is designed with passenger comfort in mind. We have dubbed the term “passenger friendly” to describe the ability to carry a front seat passenger with the desk installed. Generally, the vertical assembly of the Jotto Desk will come up from the floor and be located to the left-front corner of the passenger chair. This allows a majority of the seat to be utilized for passengers, so your partner can ride in comfort and safety.

Q. Can the desk be removed easily?

A. Yes, The desktop and the vertical assembly can be easily removed for storage. A simple handle that can be removed by hand is all that holds the upper part of your Jotto Desk to the base.

However, because of the “passenger friendly” nature of the Jotto Desk, most will find removing the desk to be unnecessary. But the option is there if required.

Q. Our squad's laptops have a 17” screen and the Jotto Desk desktop is only 10”x12”, is there a bigger table available to fit our department's computers?

A. This question comes up a lot and the simple answer is that the table size really is not that important. What is important is the length of cable that is used to secure your laptop to the table. In reality, the table is being used as a place to mount the ACD hardware, and foam pads, as shown in this short video.

Q. How do we determine which length of ACD Cables will be required for our department?

A. Cable length requirement is determined by measuring the width of your laptop computer from edge to edge straight across your keyboard.

  • If the width of your laptop measures less than 12 ” wide then you will need 20” ACD cables.
  • If the width of your laptop measures 12” or up to 15” wide, the standard ACD cable length of 22” is required.
  • If the width of your laptop measures 15” wide or more, then a 26” ACD Cable is required.

Q. How do I ask for a different cable length if I place my order online?

A. When filling in your billing and shipping information in our shopping cart you will come across a text box called “Comments or Special Instructions”. You can either tell us what width your laptop is and we will send you the appropriate cable length, or you can request a specific cable length (20”, or 26”).

If you make no special request for a different cable, your Jotto Desk will be shipped to you with the standard 22” cables.

If you are unsure please call us toll @ 1-866-587-4715.

Q. Will a tablet PC work with the Jotto Desk?

A. Absolutely! In fact, the Jotto Desk is the best solution on the market for tablet PC’s, due to the desktops ability to be vertically positioned.

Q. Can my partner also use the computer?

A. Absolutely! The Jotto Desk Articulated Swing Arm allows the computer desktop to be positioned for either driver or passenger use.

However, for safety purposes, it is critical that you never let the desktop get between a person and an airbag. In the case of an accident, the computer sitting between the airbag and passenger could prove to be cause of serious injury or death.

It is strongly recommended that the computer be positioned between both driver and passenger airbags while traveling with your partner in the passenger front seat.

Q. Will the cables interfere with the keyboard?

A. Not at all. The cables are attached to draw latches which can be positioned to where the top cable will be above your number keys, and the bottom cable is positioned below your space bar and above your mouse glide pad.

Positioning the cables in this manner will leave all of your keys and mouse glide pad unobstructed. Also, this will ensure your ports and drives are not blocked, and if so you are able to easily move the cable out of the way.

Q. Does the Jotto Desk have a shock or spring to lessen the vibration caused by going over potholes or rough roads?

A. Yes, no, well sort of.

Jotto Desk’s ACD system utilizes foam pads to provide some added vibration dampening. These foam pads are effective at dampening many of the “rumbles” that may come up through the stand from travel on gravel roads or tar strips across the roadway. The foam pads actually lift the entire laptop off of the plastic tabletop and provide a level of cushioning between your computer and the stand. This system is the most effective of any product on the market in respect to this issue.

For those police officers that drive in very rough road/off-road conditions, you would be well served to consider one of the many “rugged” laptop computers on the market. i.e. Dell Latitude’s, IBM laptops with “Active Protection System™”, Panasonic Toughbook computers, and other various brands.

Q. Can our officers close the screen across the ACD cables?

A. Yes. The ACD cables are a very thin but extremely strong aircraft cable (Braided metal strands) that are coated in a tough nylon. These cables are small and thin enough that they will be able to close their laptop screens, and snap them shut for those times when the computer is not in use while traveling.

Q. Some of our officers drive on really rough roads. Will the Jotto Desk stand up to the abuse?

A. This desk was designed with these kinds of harsh conditions in mind. It certainly will stand up to such use.

The Jotto Desk base is made of heavy gauge steel which has been engineered to withstand rough terrain. The vertical assembly is also made of solid steel. The Articulated Swing Arm is made of 1” billet aluminum, and the Desktop is made by injection molded ABS Plastic. All components are powder coated and painted to resist corrosion.

Jotto Desk is not a cheaply made product in any way and quality is not an afterthought. Many police departments comment to us that they are very surprised by the heavy duty construction and are quite pleased with their purchase. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators! You will get what you pay for!

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