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Police Gun Safes

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For over eight years Console Vault has created specialized Vehicle Gun Safes for law enforcement officials and others looking to equip their vehicles with the finest in protection and security.

Featuring Console Vault's superior five-point locking system and a high-security barrel lock with an optional keyless combination lock, each gun safe receives the finest attention to detail by our expert craftsmen. Made of 12-gauge cold-rolled plate steel and refined with welded tabs and notch seams, the gun vault is the preferred automotive safe for thousands of law enforcement and government officials from around the world. And as with every Console Vault product, each Vehicle Vault is proudly made in the United States.

The safe discretely fits inside the existing consoles of most trucks, SUVs and more. With the gun safe installed and the console lid closed, the vault remains completely hidden from view. The safe is only exposed when the console itself is opened, preventing you from attracting attention to your valuables.

The Console Vault gun safe requires absolutely no modification to your vehicle's console and assembly takes less than ten minutes. Your original console can open and close just as it normally would, yet with the vehicle safe in place your belongings are now treated with the security and safety they deserve.

Console Vault has recently made the best design improvement since the vault was developed, the "Triple Guard Lock System" which incorporates a latch design similar to the pins in bank vault doors which greatly increases overall security.

This design also has a front channel which incorporates the lid into the body of the Console Vault, which eliminates all stress off the physical lock itself. This is the greatest, most secure product Console Vault has ever made.



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