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425-6636 Dodge Charger Contour Console

2011 and Newer Dodge Charger
Unit No. 425-6636
  • Patent pending
  • Top down installation with pre-drilled faceplate screw holes
  • Built in Dual Cup Holder
  • Relocates 2 OEM 12v Outlets and USB Port
  • Mounting location for computer mount
  • Placement: Mounts to transmission hump
  • Rated Capacity: 16" of equipment mounting space
  • Measurements: 25" deep, 10" height at Front - 7" Height at Rear; 11" wide
  • Shipped Weight: 19.4 lbs.
  • Installation Time: 15 - 30 Minutes
Click here for installation guide

PLEASE NOTE: FACEPLATES ARE INCLUDED WITH THE CONSOLES. When ordering, please specify the equipment that will be going into the console so that we can include the custom faceplates. If ordering online, please list the equipment devices in the note line area of the shopping cart.

The 2011 Dodge Charger Contour Console is here. Its' sleek design compliments the Charger with its dash contouring shape and will mount up to 14" of equipment. Each console comes standard with Dual ABS Cup holders and relocates the 2 OEM 12v Outlets and USB Port.

Installation is quick and easy. Simply replace the factory floor plate in minutes using factory fasteners with top-down installation. No drilling required.


We carry a complete line of accessories for your emergency equipment console - be sure to take a look!

Our Emergency Sevices Equipment Consoles improve access to communication equipment and other controls, while promoting safety by allowing emergency service officers to keep their eyes on the road, especially while responding to a call. This natural positioning promotes a safe and comfortable workspace for the emergency response personnel spending 8-12 hours a day in their mobile office. Our premier communications consoles are top rate!



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